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Strophurus krisalys pair for sale!


You will receive 1x Male S. krisalys and 1x Female S. krisalys.


Notes: These will be approximately 6+month old individuals.

We highly recommend keeping them separate until they are ready to breed. 

More information on their care can be found on our care sheet:


You pick the pair! Just check out with the desired male and MESSAGE US the female you desire! Individuals will be removed as purchased. 



Individual information


Male 1

Parentage: Group 2

Hatched: 6-11-2020


Male 2

Parentage: Group 2

Hatched: 7-7-2020


Male 3

Parentage: Group 2

Hatched: 7-7-2020


Female 1

Parentage: Group 1

Hatched: 5-16-2020


Female 2

Parentage: Group 1

Hatched: 7-20-2020

Stropurus krisalys PAIR

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