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Reptiles may be placed on hold for a minimum NON-REFUNDABLE 25% down payment via PayPal. Different minimums may be negotiated with the owner. No refunds are given. Regular payments must be placed (minimum every two weeks) for up to two months. Reptiles must be 100% paid off (including shipping) before being shipped. Reptiles will be held if not paid off, but also if shipping weather is poor. If shipping weather is poor, reptiles will be held until adequate shipping weather free of charge.

To initiate this process, please contact us!


Reptiles are guaranteed live on arrival as long as customer follows seller’s shipping recommendations. We do not guarantee reptiles when temperatures are below 32 or above 90 degrees. We also require shipments be held at a Fedex shipping center and promptly picked up after store opening (typically 8:00-9:00am) when temperatures are on the low or high spectrums (32-45 degrees and 80-90 degrees) for live arrival guarantee. We only ship Monday through Wednesday using Priority overnight via FedEx. Any deaths upon arrival must be reported immediately. Replacements will be sent with shipping paid for by the purchaser or credit will be given towards future purchases. Reptiles are not guaranteed after arrival, but if a death occurs recently after arrival please report immediately. Our reputation is important and therefore we will work out a solution. This guarantee is void if the package(s) is(are) not signed for, left at the door, or remain at the shipping center more than six hours after the store opens. Any issues should be resolved through private communications, any public posts will nullify this guarantee.


Returns are NOT permitted unless the wrong reptile is sent.

No cash refunds are given.


Please make sure to click "REPTILE SHIPPING" option for purchasing a reptile. YOU are responsible for paying shipping, our current flat rate is $60, unless discussed otherwise or promo.

Please use PayPal to make a reptile purchase as per our web host's request. Please review our policies above to be aware of shipping circumstances. No refunds are given.


Wholesale shipments are available starting at a minimum order of 6 geckos of the same species. Please send an inquiry with the species and number of individuals. 



Credit / Debit Cards

Offline Payments

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