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Incubator container with vermiculite.

For small gecko eggs. 


Here at Jecko's Geckos we breed a lot of smaller geckos. In order to successfully produce as many babies as we can, we pull the eggs from the cages and place them in incubation containers with vermiculite. These are the containers and appropriate amount of vermiculite we use (recommended for smaller geckos such as Eurydactylodes, but would reccommend further research on the species you work with to see if this container works for your species). For smaller geckos (i.e. Eurydactylodes), we put two eggs in a compartment, larger geckos (i.e. Correlophus [Crested Geckos]) only one egg will fit per compartment, but would recommend a larger container.


How to use. 

1: Open tray and rinse out (who knows if there is any residue in the containers).

2: Evenly spread the vermiculite across the container. We pre-measured the vermiculite to perfectly fill the container. 

3: Add water to the vermiculite. This part is the most difficult part of the process. how do you know if it wet enough, or is it too wet? We recommend slowly adding water. A small amount of water should run out when you gently press the vermiculite. Remove the water that appears when you gently press the vermiculite. You can also error on the side of too dry, then you can slowly add more water as needed. Make sure that each square in the container is moist!


Incubator container

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